Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day 211 - weekends, walking and Vangelis

Yesterday marked the beginning of the last month of 2012. How surreal is that!? That gives me eight months until I graduate (sorry for the reminder, fellow finalists - I'm as terrified as you!) and, therefore, until my goal. This is both scary and exciting; I've come so far and yet have so far to go.

To calm the tumult in my mind, then, it felt as though the time had come to break things down a little - and what better month than that of the overly-commercialised collections of bitesized boxes we call Advent calendars? So, because I've worked out that (bar two days this week) I shall be at home for the entire month of December, my Christmas treat, instead of chocolates, can be the endorphins I get from having the time to do some really structured (and awesome) exercise.

This is a response to two challenges. Firstly, and extremely generously, my good friend Sam has told me that he and the cast of Chariots would like to contribute to my sponsorship. In order to be worthy of their support I want to do something inventive (quelle surprise!) and he has suggested I attempt a lap of the race-track in the Gielgud. As I'm not quite at the stage (oops, what an awful pun!) where I could do that now, but because the show finishes in early Februrary, I thought it would give me a good incentive if I did something along those lines in January. I haven't finalised things with Sam or anyone else, as we're just bandying ideas about at the moment, but...

Secondly, on hearing of the possibility of something like a lap, my dear Mama has offered me a mission, should I choose (and I do!) to accept it. She suggests that we deem December the month of 'Drive, Determination, and Positive Inner Dialogue'. Not that any month isn't determined, since I'm a perfectionist, but I'm going to make a concerted effort to banish even the slightest niggle of negativity from my mind, body and self, and to see where it takes me by my Gramma's birthday on 1st January. I figure that I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. After all, I'll need something to distract me from my 8,000 words of essays [plus dissertation] I've to write in that time, too. So watch this space.

And now (given that I've spent a considerable amount of time banging on about advent calendars) here's a little treat for you - and a taste of what's to come - with some not unrecognisable music behind it. It was recorded yesterday, so I can truly say...

  Happy December!

And RIP Ian Charleston <3