Friday, 30 November 2012

Day 209 - stand, stand, stand to the loo...

Don't worry; this is the only (I repeat, only!) time this blog will have a post title that even remotely resembles toilet humour. Today, however, it is necessary - and you shall soon see why.

In case I wasn't clear enough yesterday, I'm home very briefly for some R, R & R (the usual 'rest and relaxation' coupled with a physio regime). This couldn't be more fabulous...except that on a Friday Mama and I are on our own, so we have no-one to help with the loo. Today, though, it was fine...because I took my own weight completely and stood on my own with no support while she pulled up my trousers! My knees were rather bent, but still...I haven't stood unsupported, and felt that I wasn't about to collapse, in years!

Then I went and walked in my hoist for the first time since the botox and did six lengths of my room, each one stronger than the one before it.

So I guess you'll forgive the toilet humour, eh ;)?

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