Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 410 - my very own Darcy

Whilst I may not have given the nuances of my course much space on this blog (prior to yesterday's post) I have certainly illustrated the passion I feel for my subjects - as well as the impact that both literature and theatre have had on my journey towards this goal. I could even argue that it is thanks to the arts that Walking by 2013 even exists because, without my love of books, my relationship with Starlight might never have begun - and I've certainly talked a lot about that, with more than a little help from Jane Austen. However, contrary to the implications of the title, this post will not consist of yet another diatribe on the brilliance of Pride and Prejudice - nor will it be a soppy homage to a newfound love interest who I think is the greatest being ever to tread the earth.

At least, not quite. Have no fear, Gramma (and Mama), I'm still single, so you've not missed anything over there in South Africa. In fact, you're among the select few to have seen photographic evidence of my post's topic. For, although I won't be welcoming a human companion into my life in the near future, I will soon be blessed with one of the canine variety - and, since he's male, I'm sure my dear readers will have little trouble guessing his name, if they don't know it already.

I'm not getting him until the end of July, so he's not directly related to this mission, but I can assure you that my efforts in the ambulatory sphere will not cease after graduation. Far from it - I even hope that some day we'll be able to stride over Hampstead Heath together and he'll be the one struggling to keep up with my exuberant pace. For now, though, I thought it was about time I uploaded pictures - and, because I'd rather keep his Facebook presence to a minimum until he's actually home with me, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

So, blogsphere, meet my beloved Darcy:

With his breeder, Jan, after a flanneling down!
Having been to visit him once with his brothers and sisters, I can say he's gentle, quiet and reserved, so methinks I chose the right name! Hopefully you'll love him as much as I do!

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