Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 60 - month two and a visit to Starlight HQ

It feels very apt that the second month of my mission draws to a close on Independence Day. For, whilst we aren't American (as my Canadian grandmother will be quick to assure you!), my family has a funny relationship with the fourth of July. Today is my parents' twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and, although they no longer live together and haven't since I was three, I always hear the story of how the guy who married them had fun (pun?) with the date. They were relinquishing their independence on Independence Day. It was the Women's Singles final at Wimbledon and here was a woman who would no longer be single, etc., etc.

Even without their anniversary, however, the date seems significant to me because this is the end of the second month of my quest for complete and utter independence - walking to collect my degree is just the first goal. What better way to mark this day, then, than with a visit to the offices of the charity I am aiming to help, as they have helped me? I hadn't been to Starlight HQ since shortly after my wish, when I went to say a personal thank you for the wonderful experience and the difference they had made, so it was lovely to see everyone again. Bianca, a fellow wish-child, now works there and Jo (from fundraising) and Jodie (my wish-granting fairy) have stayed on. I also (very shyly) met Neil, the CEO, who is great. We were planning on taking a photo of us all, to upload here, but we were clearly too busy catching up. So much has happened in two years! I definitely don't want to leave it that long again - but maybe, next time, I'll run up the stairs?

It certainly seems to be going that way. Yesterday I was so motivated by my results (thank you, Warwick!) that I walked eight lengths of my room in one go, and then planned to walk ten today, but my aunt Lucy told me I should treat it like a runner would and go back to six. So I did - six for day sixty and Starlight - and I'll double that tomorrow, methinks. twelve for 2012 - unless I'm not allowed to use that number, because of the olympics and copyright - in which case I'll just have to do thirteen.

Thanks for a lovely day, a lovely summer and a lovely life, universe - I'm plodding along... and making it count. Meet me at the clock. (Ten points if you know which film that's referencing.)

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  1. Thanks, hmm..god? for Google search! ;) Still in Titanic mood? :) Great to read your walking news! Miss you!