Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 64 - from stepping up to sitting up

I could write a ubiquitous post about Wimbledon today, and spend approximately 300 words telling you how inspiring it was to witness (via television) two athletes competing quite literally at the top of their game. I could, but I won't, for the simple reason that I don't feel I have anything to add to the copious commentary already out there. Suffice to say that Federer and Murray treated us to some sublime tennis, which bordered on the ridiculous when they got to that 10th deuce point on one of Murray's service games, and that Federer's win was, in my opinion, wonderful and highly deserved. (Caveat: before my fellow Brits become incensed at my perceived lack of patriotism, remember that my maternal roots are in South Africa, as are Federer's.)

Instead, I'll share my own momentous news, however much it pales in comparison. Those of you who read this blog regularly will be aware that the bulk of my training consists in walking whilst I am supported by my hoist. You'll also know that I've changed my shoes back to Converse and that I've increased the number of lengths that I walk in one go - so that I'm now averaging six, and sometimes reaching ten. I have promised photographic evidence of the footwear, and this you shall duly receive, as soon as I've commandeered the camera for long enough to upload it.

In the meantime, though, I'll regale you with one of the newer additions to my regime. I ought, really, to spend a significant portion of my day lying on my back - as, at least in theory, it allows all my muscles to relax and everything to straighten out. I say 'ought' because, until fairly recently, I didn't do so regularly - for the simple reason that I actually got tighter when I tried. Now, however, my body is sufficiently relaxed that I feel a lot more comfortable on my back - and, thereby, relax even further. This means that I can use my time lying down for a functional purpose rather than just remaining immobile and inert. Huzzah, I hear you cry - and I say indeed so because I've started doing sit ups, to strengthen my core, which in turn will straighten my spine.

This is an extremely important form of exercise for me because, whilst it's all very well to be walking and working my leg muscles (specifically my quads and my hamstrings), it's also vital that I engage my abdomen. As I had my botox done under GA, Mr Pattison was able to inject a previously unreachable muscle, my psoas. This is the muscle that allows us to straighten up, so that we are not continually hunched over, but mine was too tight to do its job effectively. Not so now - and it can be retrained - if I work it. So, believe me, I plan to. Bring on those sit ups. Boom.     

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  1. Ah, good old psoas. ;-) Mine's been relaxed too, but I went for the muscle lengthening ops rather than botox. Good luck with the physio. Martha x