Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 81 - nothing to fear but fear itself

I didn't think I'd have either the time or the energy to write tonight - yet the very thing which has drained my energy necessitates that I do, as it has done so in an extremely positive manner. One of today's classes was in voice and, whilst it's always something of a transformative experience, this session was particularly so. For, having been brave enough to lie on the floor on Monday, I did it again. Then, in order that I might fully appreciate the feeling of the vibrations of my voice through the floor, our tutor suggested that I lie on my left side for a while as well as spending time on my right. Well, I'm normally too scared to try it, because it's caused me considerable discomfort in the past. This, though, proved to be the fallacy of inductive reasoning - just because something's hurt before it doesn't mean it will again. More than that I learnt that my fear of the pain is precisely what causes it. So today I spent ten, maybe even fifteen, very comfortable minutes on my left side. Then I cried with contentment because all my coursemates clapped. They're awesome.

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  1. Nap in the grass sometime? Maybe a month or so from now...? :)