Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day 124 - look up to the stars, not down at your feet

The Paralympic Opening Ceremony was over a week ago - I can't quite believe how quickly the time has gone - but that's where my title for today's post comes from, because it's one of those events. Everyone will remember where they were, and I certainly do - with my Woodlarks family at Pathfinders 2012: United.

(Yes, it's that post. You finally get to find out what happened that one time at...'red, white and blue' camp.)

And, you can be sure of it, there was lots of looking up to the stars. We had to - if we'd looked down at the floor, let alone our feet, we would've seen the mud we'd tracked into our tent. So we slept outside instead, and really looked up to the stars:


But even breaking our chairs didn't get us out of the drying up:


Seriously, though, it was a week of achievements - Claire completed a 26th length swim in a fantastic one hour and twenty minutes, raising over £700 (last I heard) for Chestnut, her local hospice - something she'd never done before:


And it's my Pathfinders family, who welcomed me with open arms a year ago, I have to thank for their support in making the (literal) strides I have for you below:

Thanks especially to Nori, Hannah and the rest of Red Patrol (to Levi for the hug at the end), to Jill, Hattie, Helen, Hazel and Sam, and of course to Jane and Dave for leading yet another wonderful camp. I feel truly blessed to say that the first video of me walking in my hoist was made at my favourite place in the world, with my favourite people.

The Wonders of Woodlarks will never cease to amaze me. I love you all and am ever grateful.

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  1. A lovely account of your week, Pathfinders were so glad (and lucky) to have you back for another brilliant holiday! Sorry to have missed your walk, but the sling looks like a fantastic tool. Keep up the hard work, your determination is so inspiring.
    Much love and hope to see you again next summer! Polly
    the (part-time) Orange patrol