Friday, 7 September 2012

Day 125 - Chariots of Fire reprise

You may remember a post sometime in June about how inspired I'd been by the stage version of Chariots of Fire at Hampstead Theatre. Well, on Wednesday evening, I was lucky enough to see it again (this time with Eileen, in the West End at the Gielgud) at the invitation of the wonderful cast. This is to thank Sam (Simon), Tam, Jack, Daniel (and James and Mark in absentia), Savannah, Antonia, Natasha, Dave, Joe, Paul, Andrew, Lloyd, Simon and Simon (so many Simons!), Matt, Gareth, Sam, Henry, Leemore, Nickolas and Nicholas...and all the other fabulous people I met for their generosity, support and interest in this little girl's dream to run.

It truly means the world to have you all behind me, and to have a link to 'Team GB of 1924', as Sam so aptly put it. Not only do I know that I've got the embodied spirits of Liddell, Abrahams, Lindsey and Montague guiding me, thanks to my newfound friends, but I've learnt I'm like a combination of all of them: my technique's awful, I'm way beyond the border of obsessive, I won't let a hurdle lie until I've jumped it, and I'm running for the contentment and joy of the race. I really needed that boost of motivation, and I got it on Wednesday, so I can't thank you all enough.

Equally, I'm so grateful for our chat afterwards, because it confirmed for me that I really do want to act - and that there's hope for work after graduation, because most of you are my age!

All my love and thanks,

Jessi - the girl who's leaving her chariot behind ;) xxx     

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