Saturday, 15 September 2012

Day 133 - Brookfield School 4th Annual Family Fun Run

In Chariots of Fire Eric Liddell, on being asked to speak at an Edinburgh Under 12s athletics event, says something along the lines of: 'the thing about achieving a certain level of notoriety is that you get asked to give things away.' Now, I don't know that I'm quite at the level that he was (even before the 1924 Olympics), but I can say that I felt very privileged today.

I was asked by the organisers of our local primary school's annual fun run if I would declare the race open and help to hand out the medals at the end - and it was lovely. Lovely to see the anticipation on everyone's faces as they waited (very patiently) for me to cut the ribbon. Lovely to witness the way that anticipation morphed, first into effort as they ran, and second into joy as they realised what a huge achievement it was for them all.

Not just because they'd run the 2km to and from the bandstand, through trees and over some tough terrain, supported their teammates and crossed the line, but because many did so in rather intricate costumes (which we judged and found amazing!) and some even with a manual wheelchair in tow! Each and every runner is a winner for me, and the medals you all have around your necks are so very well-deserved.

So many people, parents and children alike, came up to me afterwards to thank me for being at the race - I think they had it the wrong way around. I want to thank them, because it was so inspiring to see everyone having such fun and giving it their best, and I feel so grateful for the reminder that the journey is the most important part of any goal - and that I'm not so far off running myself.

So, here's a thank you to Ali, to Mark and, most of all, to Brookfield Primary School, for welcoming me with such wonderfully open arms - winning is best when it's done together, as the photo below shows:

Sorry it's not very big...

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  1. You always amazing one! :))) Any photos from the ribbon cutting moment? :) Miss you!!!!