Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day 131 - the summer she learnt to sit alone (again!)

I've just realised how sad that title might seem, if it were figurative and referring to the state of my social life, but it's not - because this has been one superbly social summer. No, it's actually rather literal - I can sit on my own. Big deal, you might scoff, you've always sat unaided; and, if by 'unaided' you mean strapped into a chair with a very supportive backrest and seat, you'd be right.

I don't mean that, though; I mean sitting on a dining chair with my arm resting on the table next to me and feeling perfectly safe.

I mean conquering sciatica, startle and spasm and catching a glimpse of that little girl who used to zoom about the house on a wheely office chair.

I mean the suggestion that sciatica might merely be a sign that you need to take things a little slower and not something to be scared about.

I mean letting your body catch up with your mind and learning that you have to sit before you stand.

I mean going from having people sitting on your lap to being brave enough to sit on theirs.

I mean...

I can sit safely and independently again and there's lots of fun to be had.

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