Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 30 - month one draws to its close

So we are coming to the end of this, the first month of my mission - and what a month it has been! Today's post shall be dedicated to two topics, encompassed by a single word - gratitude.

I firstly wish to thank all of you for reading this blog and supporting me in all the wonderful ways that you do. Your encouragement means the world to me. To know that I have such awesome people behind me is truly the most fabulous feeling and I honestly can't thank you enough.

Secondly I want to thank Starlight for all they have done. I wouldn't be where I am today without their support - and this mission certainly wouldn't have been possible. So, in order that I can give something back and help other children to have a chance of some magic, I've been trying to set up a widget - and today I've done it. You'll find the box to the right of this post, and it's very easy and secure to make an online donation, by clicking the 'donate' button for a direct link to my page.

Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated - my target, aptly, is £2013!

So much thanks and love, as always.

Let's keep plodding, and grant some other children a slice of happiness along the way!

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