Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day 38 - turning over a new...side?

Today I had osteopathy with the wonderful Ernest Keeling, who I've been seeing for some time now. I haven't many words to describe the magic of what happened, so here it is - I lay on my left side, comfortably, for the first time in years. Whilst that, to most, will seem entirely innocuous and not in the slightest newsworthy, it was a thing of such proportion that it appears to have swallowed up my vocabulary. So that's all, folks, and you may now return to your otherwise blessedly quiet evenings!


  1. Ho, ho, ho! That sounds great! See you very very soon my dear! :))))

  2. That's wonderful Jessi. All the best from someone who understands just a little of what this milestone means to you.

    p.s - when I walk up the aisle (I will one day!), I'm ditching the crutches ;-)

    Martha x

  3. Phew Jess! What a powerful paragraph!