Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day 31 - June is busting out all over...

Huge respect to anyone who knows the musical that's referencing.

I bet you all thought this post, from its title, would be about the weather. Well, it's not. It's more concerned with the fact it's now 5th June, which means I've been at this a whole month. As I said yesterday, what an amazing month. Everything is happening so fast that my mind and my body are racing to keep up.

Which brings me to my main point: what has been the most amazing thing about this month is the amount of love and encouragement from you all. I know I said this the other day but, well, I just have to say it again because it really means so very, very much. To know that you're all beside me, that I have your good vibes and positive thoughts, is incredible. I can't thank you enough.

I'm talking about moral support here, because that's the most important thing. Your comments, your texts, your personal good wishes - and of course the awesomeness of Ania, Lizzie and Asia on the front line at uni, and that of Mama and Jo-Jo when I'm at home. I feel truly blessed.

There's another element too, though, and one by which I'm equally overwhelmed. You've already helped raise £245 for Starlight - and the page only went live yesterday. That is amazing. You've made me cry tears of gratitude. We've already raised enough to grant a child's wish!

Thank you so very much.  Every penny truly does count for a charity like Starlight because, although they are small (with tiny, unassuming offices at Paddington Station), what they do makes such an impact on children's lives.

Even if you can only spare a pound, please do so - it will be gratefully received - and I've set up JustTextGiving to make it that little bit easier. Using this method, you can donate smaller amounts of money (£1, £2, £5, £10) via text - at absolutely no extra cost to you!

So if you'd rather do it this way, simply text JPWB53 and your amount to 70070. Otherwise, there's a widget on this blog if you want to go directly to my online page.

Thank you, and thanks a thousand times over for all your support, in all its forms. I didn't know it before but I now realise just how true it is - you'll never walk alone!*

*NB - I'm a Chelsea fan and always will be. Liverpool stole that song from Carousel and ruined it by association. So watch Carousel - the originals are always the best!

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