Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 37 - swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool...

Hello from London! I'm home until Thursday for some breathing space prior to exams. It's so lovely to have time (literally) to stretch my legs in between essay-writing stints. I walked in the hoist again last night and I appear to have learnt to shift my weight independently over a fortnight, somehow, despite not having practised much since I was last home. It felt (feels) amazing! 'Pics or it didn't happen' doesn't really fit in this case, because I know you want proof in motion, so a video shall be forthcoming as soon as I can teach Mama how to take video on her digital camera. (I know I'm dextrous but, odd as it may seem, I've got to put all my focus into the walking when I'm actually doing it...haha!)

Today's post, therefore, concerns another form of exercise - swimming. I go to a hydrotherapy pool in Hackney. The water needs to be warm, you see, because I go stiff in the cold; and that would rather defeat the point, which is to get as relaxed as possible. So in this pool the temperature is about that of a hot bath. It is blissful - so blissful, in fact, that today I was able to do all sorts of stretchy-related things with my legs without feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable. Win! More than that, though, I was able to move my hips (especially my left) with an ease that I haven't felt in years.

Which brings me to the conclusion of my post, and indeed the conclusion of the day - my left hip is back in place, or at least all signs point to it being so, because I couldn't do the things I did if it were. And hips don't lie. Ask Shakira.

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